A sacred space

Our Vision for a Kalachakra Retreat Center in Australia

We are a magnificent 40-acre open farmland located in Thornton, Victoria Australia near the Cathedral Mountain Ranges and Lake Eildon. We aspire to build a spiritual paradise for all people inspired by the Pure Realm of Shambhala from the Kalachakra Tantra.  The wheel of time teaching goes beyond religion offering a way to cultivate perfect peace and harmony. Our wellness programs will help people thrive and live authentically connected to nature and humanity through the ancient wisdom of Kalachakra philosophy, sciences, medicine, astrology, Dharma, yoga and tantra.

Kalachakra Tantra Encompasses All Aspects of Life

In order to thrive in our world, we need to know how to harmonize with our cosmic natural realm and cultivate our spiritual energy bodies to reveal our true nature of unconditional love, compassion and wisdom.

External Reality – Our Cosmic Realm

We provide opportunities for people to experience the world through wisdom and compassion so they may live a more meaningful and balanced life, rich in contemplation and connection.

We aspire to offer a sensual realm:
Organic Farm
Medicinal Herb Garden
Rime Deity Food Forest
Beautiful Gardens & Landscaping
Sandlewood Groves
Lotus Ponds
Naga Realm Lake

Internal Reality – Our Subtle Bodies

Through contemplation, we look inward and slowly develop new ways of interacting with our world in a wise and compassionate way bringing genuine happiness to ourselves and others.

We aspire to support complete wellness:
Kalachakra Yoga System
Healing Mineral Baths
Traditional Medicine & Spa
Feng Shui
Astrology & Divination
Healing Food as Medicine

Enlightened Reality – Our True Nature

From a wise and compassionate way of being, we gradually transform our world into pure love and luminosity manifesting as the land of Shambhala.

We aspire to cultivate realized beings by building:
Kalachakra Temple with Holy Relics
Shambhala Kalki King Gallery
3d Version of the Kalachakra Manadala
Most Authentic Kalachakra Statue in the world
Biggest Prayer Wheel in the Southern Hemisphere
Seeing Upon Liberation Stupa of 100,000 Buddhas
Shambhala Memorial Park
Wishfullfilling Stupa

Holistic Life Podcast Series

Conversations with guest experts in the Bodhisattva sciences or Kalachakra Tantra

Become a Monthly Sponsor to Build Shambhala

Our current step of our project being undertaken in 2024 involve about $140k in expenses to pay for architecture drawings and various test on the land required by our local government to apply for the Planning permit. Our group will be applying this year. Give an ongoing donation to support this cost. This is an early rough concept that is far simpler and less beautiful than the current concept.