Kalachakra Liberation Stupa

 The community in Vietnam is offering a 4.5 Meter tall Kalachakra Liberation Stupa based on Kalachakra Master Bokar Rinpoche’s Kalachakra Stupa Design. It will be placed on a base designed as a memorial surrounded by a beautiful garden at Land of Shambhala near where we aspire to place the Kalachakra temple. The space and the stupa will be consecrated and blessed with the express purpose of connecting beings with the sublime realm of Shambhala upon death so that they may have a better future rebirth. Encircling the Stupa base will be rows of smaller replica stupas designed for the deceased ashes to be buried. Beneath that will be an area for memorial plaques and a special garden. Ashes of the deceased will be able to be placed in the Stupa’s base to connect them with the powerful blessings for this realm

We need to fundraise for 
– The engineering of the foundation base
– Construction of the base
– Design of the memorial stupas and plaques
– Landscaping
– Permitting

We aspire to have the correct permits, consecration and installation of Stupa at Land of Shambhala Installed within the next few years. The stupa is already under construction in Vietnam.

What is special blessing about this memorial stupa and spot?

All sentient beings equally deserve the blessings and opportunities for Liberation. The teachings of Kalachakra which this stupa represents are connected with a pure realm called Shambhala. Shambhala unlike other pure realms has a Bodhisattva pure realm level that is connected to this earth specifically due to a prophecy in the tantra. The Shambhala Kings will help liberate the beings on our earth. Because of this karmic link, prayers and aspirations, this stupa and spot will be especially created and installed to help strengthen the karmic link between beings and that realm. May the beings buried under this stupa and in the area be reborn in the Sublime realm of Shambhala. Once born in Shambhala beings are able to achieve Buddhahood in a single lifetime. The stupa will be fulled with holy relics and blessings and installed to help create this connection. It does not matter if someone is Buddhist as the ultimate truth, or enlightened aspect of Kalachakra is beyond all limitations. 

Can any person or their pets regardless of religion be placed in a memorial spot?

Anyone of any tradition can benefit from the blessings of Kalachakra and Shambhala. We welcome pets and people from all backgrounds to create a karmic connection even in death with the sublime realm of Shambhala.

What is included in a memorial space reservation fee?

Your fee covers any plaque (if included in your selection), purification of 1 tablespoon of ash, and placement in the stupa or grounds around it as specified in your choice. For those that can not send or provide the ash of the deceased, we will purify hair, nail clippings, clothes clippings, a photograph or nametag up to 1 tablespoon in size.

For family spots, up to 10 family members can be placed in the same location. The people can be added for up to 108 years from when you make the reservation for the memorial space.

We can not guarantee that you can choose your exact memorial location within the tier that you choose but will try to accommodate any preferences of your preferred spot the best that we can. The spiritual master will decide the most auspicious day in the year for the deceased to be added to the stupa so we can not take requests for ashes to be added on specific days.

What if I change my mind?

If you reserve a memorial space and have not given us any ashes or artifacts to purify, you have up to 30 days to change your mind and be refunded. Once we have started all the blessing and purification processes we can not give a refund due to change of mind.

Reserve a Memorial Space


A limited number of smaller stupas that are replicas of the large stupa will be encircling the constructed building that is around the base of the stupa. Each one is available for a memorial. The ashes are placed beneath that smaller stupa in the special memorial foundation made around the base of the larger stupa. No ashes are places inside of stupas in this project as that is reserved for holy beings with purified ashes such as Vajra Masters. Karmically it is not beneficial for people who still need to purify their karma to be placed in a stupa. Khentrul Rinpoche has decided on a patter that is very blessed and karmicly appropriate for everyone to receive the maximum connection and benefit. 

$4500 Single Person Stupa with an Individual name on the plaque
$9000 Family Stupa (up to 10 people with family name on the plaque)

Space will be reserved for 108 years from the date of booking.

Memorial Plaque on Stupa Base

A limited number of spaces around the base of the stupa are available. Please note these are not in the stupa. Each spot will have a plaque.

$4000 Single Person
$8000 Family

Memorial Garden Plaque

A space in the flower garden surrounding the stupa will have plaques and be reserved for those who want to have ashes placed near the stupa.

$3000 Single Person
$6000 Family

Anonymous Memorial Spot

There is a group area where a small amount of personal artifacts / ash can be blessed to connect with the sublime realm of Shambhala.

$1500 Single Person
$3000 Family 


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