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Recurring Donations

This project is funded by donations. We need your help to build this huge vision. Give in a steady manner to bring this project to life. 

Make a Direct Bank Transfer

Tibetan Buddhist Rime Institute 
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ACCOUNT: 4944 47223.   

Support a Project

Give the Dharma project that resonates with you the most. You can give your skills, love, time and money.

Legacy Giving

Email [email protected] for details on Legacy Giving. 

Help Fund our Vision with a Monthly Donation

Become a Monthly Sponsor to Build Shambhala


Our current step of our project being undertaken in 2024 involve about $140k in expenses to pay for architecture drawings and various test on the land required by our local government to apply for the Planning permit. Our group will be applying this year. Give an ongoing donation to support this cost. This is an early rough concept that is far simpler and less beautiful than the current concept. 


Practice Generosity

The foundation of the Buddhist path is generosity. It is the basis upon which we remove our attachment and focus on the needs of others. For this reason, we have developed a generosity-based model in which we offer the opportunity to give back and attend events at an affordable cost. However, for us to be able to make the Dharma accessible in this way, we need the financial support to sponsor these offerings. In this way we create a chain of giving in which each act of generosity gives rise to new opportunities and new ways of supporting each other as we work towards manifesting a Golden Age of peace and harmony. we remove our attachment and focus on the needs of others.

Sponsor a Specific Project

21st Tara Marichi Goddess Statue

Sponsor a 3 Meter Tall Statue of Marichi to look over and protect Shambhala

Sudarshana Garden

A Medicine Garden filled with 9 Deity statues and healing medicine plants

Fortune Palace

Construct a 5 Meter wide Drolmi Kazug Fortune Palace to Magnetize Wealth and Abundance