Anonymous Place for Ashes or dedication beneath the Kalachakra Liberation Stupa

$1500 Single Space

$3000 Family Space (up to 10 people)

Any religious background and pets are welcome.

Reserve a space beneath the Kalachakra Liberation stupa to bless you or your loved ones who have recently or will pass away. The space is anonymous as in there will be no place on the stupa for an identifying plaque but of course, the blessing does not change.

We are developing a memorial space at the Land of Shambhala. Approximately 4.5 meters tall Kalachakra Liberation Stupa will be standing overlooking the water and space in a very scenic spot on the property. It will be beautifully landscaped in a flowering garden. This space and stupa will be especially blessed to connect those who pass away and with a future rebirth in the Realm of Shambhala. Being placed here will help create a powerful intention and Karmic link with the realm of the Kalki Kings. The main Kalachakra stupa will be filled with powerful holy relics that relate to this. People who are reborn in the realm of Shambhala have the possibility to reach enlightenment in a single lifetime once reborn there.

Space has been made available for people to receive the blessings of the stupa who do not need any marker or indicator to show where their ashes are. Ashes, hair, nail clippings, photographs, or name tags of the deceased will be put beneath that stupa as part of the base of the larger Kalachakra Stupa. All items will be purified to be made holy before being placed under the stupa.

The initial deceased or family members can be placed in your space for 108 years from the date of booking. Nothing will be removed but nothing will be added after that date to your reserved space.

All reservations made now are for spots available in the future when the stupa is completed. The current reservations are taken as fundraisers to help build this special place. Due to the permitting. planning and building process some details may change that could impact the exact arrangement of what we wish to offer you. In that case, we will be in contact with you and give alternative options or refunds if required.

For inquiries email [email protected]

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