Large Statue of 21st Tara Goddess Marichi

Marichi Statue

To Protect and Overlook Dzokden Shambhala

Sponsor the Marichi Statue


  • $6,100.00 Raised
    of $9,000.00


We need help with the construction and installation of the statue as well as it’s design and implimentation.

21st Tara Marichi, Protectress of Shambhala Statue

Khentrul Rinpoche has instructed us that we should place a 21st Tara Goddess Marichi statue on the top of the water tank that is on the hill at the Land of Shambhala. She will be bright in the sky looking over all of the land protecting it. We will create a statue in her dancing form as Rinpoche sees her in his visions. The group in Vietnam started the 3d Model based on her painting that was done by Karen Scott. The statue will be approximately 3 meters tall and made of composite or fiberglass-type material in order to withstand the harsh Australian elements and strong winds.

Goddess Marichi is the protectress of the realm of Shambhala and Khentrul Rinpoche’s personal guardian deity.

The sponsorship fees will cover
1) Base Model Design (done)
2) Generate 3d Model (currently in process)
3) Identify the right building materials and way to anchor her
4) Production will begin
5) Custom painting of the statue to withstand the elements
6) Importation to Australia
7) Installation at Land of Shambhala
8) Consecration of the Statue

Drolmi Kazug Fortune Palace

Drolmi Kazug Fortune Palace

Fortune Palace

For the Golden Age of Peace and Prosperity

Sponsor the Fortune Palace



Sponsorship Levels

Give a custom amount of your choice

Give $180, and a small vase will be put in the ground under the palace with your name and up to 10 immediate family members’ names on it for prayers for their health, wealth, and prosperity. These are custom made vases that have Red Dzambhala and Tara on them. They were specifically designed for this puja.

Give $540 and a small vase will be put in inside the palace with your name and up to 10 immediate family members name on it for prayers for their health wealth and prosperity. These look like the ones we originally made for Drolmi Kazug.


We need help drawing up the architectural plans for the palace construction, sculptures for the animals, and painters.

Sponsor A Palace for Abundance on our Earth

The Drolmi Kazug Fortune Palace of the 21 Taras is very special for helping clear astrological obstacles and generate the conditions for wealth, prosperity and abundance. For a golden age of peace to arise in our world, it is beneficial for the people our world to have health, wealth and happiness. There is no one who does not wish for happiness, who would prefer sickness to health and who would not like to live with the comforts of the world.  Our group globally has been offering a puja to Goddess Tara and her wishfull-filling Vase to help bring about abundance for our world. Khentrul Rinpoche has instructed that it will be beneficial to create her fortune Palace complete with all the animals and various figures that represent wealth and good fortune at Land of Shambhala. This Fortune Palace will be placed in the middle of a 108 meter wide healing food forest filled with edible plants and statues of the healing deities of the worlds wisdom traditions. Arya Tara and her retinue in this puja which includes Dzambhala, we ask to bring good fortune to this world.  May beings of this world have all the conditions they need to be able to practice the precious Dharma and realize their own true nature.

The  Mandala and Palace will be designed to look like Tara’s Fortune Palace depicted below. Models of the various astrological signs and animals will be created to occupy her palace and placed in the most auspicious location and direction according to the text. This includes all the animals in the Lungta, Dzambhala, Dzambhala’s Mongoose and the rare animals of the world. The mewas, pharkas and nagas will also be included in their rightful spot around the palace making the most complete conditions and offerings for prosperity. The Palace will be encircled by cherry blossom and radiate out to all of Shambhala in our Malaya Grove farm.  Beneath her precious palace will be as many small custom made blessed treasure vases filled and consecrated to bring prosperity to our world. On the upper flowers of the palace will be statues of the 21 Taras and the Amitabha Buddha.

We aspire to conduct the Wishfullfilling Vase practice here 4 times a year here on the dates of the solistice and equinox. Visitors to Land of Shambhala will also be able to make offerings and prayers at this palace to create the conditions for wealth and abundance in their lives.